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Become Self-Reliant and Empowered

Simple and easy to use visual analytics to identify opportunities, monitor risks and make informed decisions

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Boost productivity, facilitate discussions and enhance domain expertise!

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Your Data

How quickly can you discover all the 9s in this background image?

Made Visual

Even simple data visualization can amplify awareness!

Vision For Success

Design illustrations to answer your important questions.

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Visual Analytics

Business leaders have questions and need reliable answers. Interactive and well-designed data illustrations enable users to easily absorb large amounts of information. Our solutions empower users to answer their most important questions.

Analytical Monitoring

Performance, risks and behaviors are always changing. Responsiveness to these changes is essential when reducing costs, improving revenues, optimizing production and promoting consumer's interests.

Information Management

Available data structures and their underlying complexity often impede usability. Domain experts need transformed, simplified and secured data sources to support analytical agility, bolster innovation and amplify human intelligence.

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Subrogation Monitor

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Narrow Network Assessment

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Integrity Coordinator

What We Do

Prothentix is a visual analytics and information management company enabling organizations to discover opportunities, improve productivity, reduce costs, increase revenue and make informed decisions.

How We Do It

Prothentix secures and democratizes data to ensure usability. We develop illustrations and interrogation capabilities for domain experts to improve data literacy, facilitate collaboration and communication as well as seed innovation.

Who We Are

Prothentix is made up of non-traditional problem solvers and free-thinking experts who are passionate about businesses achieving their goals while applying minimal efforts to gain maximum results.

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